A Chronological Record of My Artistic Development

Welcome visitor!

My name is Karl Gustafson Lorant, and I'm a computer graphics artist from Sweden. I work primarily with digital media, and I specialize in 3D modeling and sculpting for video games. I also dabble in 2D concept painting and sketching from time to time.

I'm deeply passionate about my work, in a very literal sense. I truly love it, and I can't think of any other line of work that I would enjoy more.
My ambition is to reach my full potential as an artist and find my place among the many great developers in the global gaming industry.

I plan to use this blog as a platform where I can chronicle my continued development as a CG artist; both as a sculptor and draftsman.

Feel free to contact me anytime! Also, any honest artistic critique is welcome and greatly appreciated!

To set this blog off right, I'm gonna share a small selection of character concept thumbs I'm working on for a side project. Enjoy!

I hope you'll drop by again to check out my progress!

Thank you.


  1. Hey karl! Great to see you've got a blog set up! Looking forward to seeing your developments :)

  2. Thank you kindly Belinda! Yes, I plan on keeping this blog alive and sharing my creative spark across the webs for anyone to enjoy.

    I hope life's treating you well, and that you're successful in your work :)