"The Devil's workshop" or "Lowpolys and Zombies!"

Small update!

Soon the summer vacation will be over, so last week I decided to take a little break before school time is upon me once again. It's important to take a breather every now and again.

But you know what they say about the idle hands, right?
So I just couldn't stay away from starting one tiny project during my time off!

I found out that it's possible to create your own in-game content for the upcoming battle arena game DOTA 2. I used this great chance to freshen up on my lowpoly skills.

I have to admit, my lowpoly workflow isn't as strong as it could be, so this was a really good exercise. I recommend checking out the DOTA 2 Workshop!

I created a simple weapon model for this character, Sven:

Now I'm starting on a new project that I'll be updating in the blog, where I'll apply some of the tech and knowledge I learned from last months workshops.

I plan on giving this old head a body and turning him into a zombie!

Stay tuned!

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