Still Alive and Kickin' or Undead and Happily Unaware!

Hey! So I'm back from the dead with another update!

Thanks to Chris for reminding me that I do still have a blog, and that there still might be couple of people checking it out from time to time. I hope I haven't lost too many of you cool strangers who cheered me on back in July. The world sure needs more of you, and from now on I'll try to be my own motivator :)

Now, for the sake of comfort and to keep posts coming at a somewhat steady rate, I'll just stick to doing a single monthly update. That should be a manageable routine!

So, here are a few new pics for you to check out:

This first guy is a base for a more elaborate game character. Yup.

Next is a discontinued ecorché-project I did in september. I noodled over details too much and lost interest, so I'll start over once I have more time after christmas. The phalanges were borrowed from Ryan K!

For those who were curious about what happened to the ol' zomb, here he is. Maybe one day I'll turn him into a proper conceptual character.

Stay tuned for more stuff in January!

"Hard work, work!"

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